Our commitment to privacy

Data protection and privacy at the heart of PerigonAI. We firmly believe and act on the principle that citizens, businesses, data collecting, and data processing organizations alike ought to enter into a social contract regarding the ethical control, rights, and use of personal data and that this shall function as one of the vital pillars holding our complex social fabric together in the 21st century. Be it in tune with EU's GDPR, Canada's PIPEDA, California's CCPA, or similar regulatory initiatives around the globe, we share and profess the following privacy principles.

Lawfullness, Fairness, Transparency

A comprehensive and consistent privacy policy governs the entire lifecycle of any personal data collected and processed inside of any of our data partnerships. PerigonAI stipulates that only data collected through consent and/or legitimate interest flow into our Big Data Lake. PerigonAI then follows additional internal aggregation procedures to ensure our big data contains no personal information at all.

Data accuracy

Essential to the correct rendering of services by PerigonAI, making sure our privacy compliant data are also accurate along several dimensions by conducting regular audits and checkups is a crucial policy we adhere to.

Storage limitation

Data retention periods should be clearly established to keep data no longer than actually needed. PerigonAI  has developed a storage limitation policy in accordance with this principle.

Integrity and confidentiality

Appropriate security measures should be taken to protect data from unauthorised or unlawful processing or accidental loss or damage. PerigonAI has been proactive in planning and developing advanced security systems and data breach response plans to meet this requirement.


Any organisation can claim to follow the above rules and principles without actually doing it. Therefore, PerigonAI has developed internal recording and documentation mechanisms as evidence of complying with all the above-stated principles, creating an audit history that can be accessed and inspected should the need arise.

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