PerigonAI Big Data Lake

PerigonAI makes use of and creates high-quality, relevant,
up-to-date, and diverse big data datasets for any use case.
With billions of unique records being created every day and 1000's
of datasets spanning nearly every industry, our data in combination
with our AML & AI engine will make you solve your real-world
business problems.

Look inside our world:

Traffic Data

With its relevance for many industries ranging from delivery applications, to cargo logistics and transportation planning, traffic data is essential for understanding how the urban economy works. PerigonAI supports businesses, cities, and governments with high-quality traffic data to facilitate improved planning and decision making.

Satellite Imagery

Apart from exploiting an abstract representation of human behaviour or physical locations being reduced to a data point, PerigonAI also uses satellite imagery and analytics to enhance location intelligence for relevant use cases.

Hospitality Data

The PerigonAI Hospitality Data engine offers hotels, travel and tourism agencies, amusement parks, and event managers relevant spatio-temporal data for better decision making.

Tourism Data

PerigonAI supports the tourism industry with accurate, up-to-date relevant location data on tourist online and offline behaviour, routes, preferences, and much more.

Government Data

Governments are increasingly producing location-based statistical data that the PerigonAI Government Data engine collects, processes, and inventively combines with other data sources to formulate and answer real-world problems.

Real Estate Data

Accounting for more than 60% of all financial assets globally, the Real Estate industry is enormously important. PerigonAI builds innovative location data solutions offering new perspectives to the Real Estate market.

Internet of Things

With the exponential growth of the number of connected devices in the world, the Internet of Things has become an invaluable source of location intelligence for many industries. PerigonAI provides data and analytics from billions of devices within the Internet of Things ecosystem.

Connected Cars

Privately owned vehicles constitute a large part of the transport modal share globally and their spatio-temporal behaviour could be of great interest to your business. From the PerigonAI Big Data lake, our Connected Cars analytics engine offers the possibility to discover where, when, and how cars move to or from your asset, store, or any area of interest, crash, or find a parking lot.

Mobile Apps

With smartphones and mobile apps being ubiquitous and covering all demographic segments, the PerigonAI Mobile Apps Data engine offers an unprecedented look at consumer online behaviour and, more importantly, how this is related to their offline behaviour.


Our Smartphone Data engine offers access to insights and analytics from billions of smartphone users globally to inform location intelligence for your business problem

Human Mobility

Human mobility data is instrumental in geospatial analytics in virtually every industry, from retail to urban planning. PerigonAI pays great attention to building high-quality, temporally and spatially accurate human mobility data sets that can support analysis in real-world problems spanning turnover prediction to traffic analysis.

Footfall Data

Through the deployment of a stack of IoT, mobile phone GPS, and other technologies, PerigonAI provides access to spatially accurate, temporally fine, and privacy compliant footfall data, offering unprecedented insights to retail, tourism, sports, urban planning, and many other industries.

Consumer Work Location

Our Consumer Work Location data provides a spatially aggregated yet detailed look at where consumers work by analysing big human mobility data.

Consumer Home Location

Our Consumer Home Location data provides a detailed yet completely anonymised and spatially aggregated picture of where consumers reside by looking at billions of human mobility records.

Credit Card Data

Our Credit Card Data engine offers a detailed look at the geographic distribution of financial transactions - where and how much consumers spend.


The PerigonAI Demographic engine builds and highlights accurate up-to-date location-based demographic insights for your business, breaking down your potential customer base by age, gender, income, education, and other demographic characteristics.

Consumer Interests

The PerigonAI Big Consumer Interests data ex-tracts, aggregates, analyses, and offers detailed and up-to-date consumer profiles: purchasing behavior, location behavior, and online behavior. Consumer profiles are powerful assets for making informed decisions about marketing & business strategy.

Places of Interest

The PerigonAI Places of Interest (PoI) Data offers a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date data picture of the locations of businesses, landmarks, or other popular points of interest. Our PoI data can be used to better understand consumer behaviour and points of attraction to derive high-quality location intelligence.

Food & Beverage

The PerigonAI Food & Beverage Data covers relevant and accurate location data on stores, their competition, trade areas, delivery times, and much more.

Weather Data

From traffic forecasting to customer visits, weather data is essential to numerous real-world problems. The PerigonAI Weather Data engine is a valuable add-on to modelling dynamic business scenarios.

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