Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Kitchens are a hot topic right now. Does PerigonAI offer any solutions pertaining to Cloud Kitchens?

PerigonAI offers location identification, sales forecasting, cuisine & price point recommendations.

We are a tech company and considering opening last-mile delivery hubs. Can PerigonAI help us?

Yes, PerigonAI offers last-mile delivery hub planning, location identification, and demand forecasting solutions.

Does PerigonAI collect data about data subjects under the age of 18?

No, PerigonAI does not knowingly collect data about data subjects under the age of 18.

We are interested in gaining insights about a few locations. How detailed are the insights PerigonAI offers about them?

The PerigonAI Big Data lake and geospatial analytic engine draws from data from more than a million apps, connected cars, mobile phone operators, and a myriad other sources to analyse and offer insights about numerous location features, breaking them further down into useful and clear categories to facilitate your decision making. For instance, let's say you are interested in consumer behaviour in different city locations. PerigonAI is not only able to tell you how much people spend on average and where, but also on what and how often.

How does PerigonAI help cities become smarter?

Ranging from intelligent transportation systems, transportation demand estimation and modelling (how will a new building affect transportation flows?), public amenity optimal site selection (where to place a new hospital?), urban accessibility and walkability analysis, to zoning strategies in urban masterplans and beyond, the PerigonAI platform helps cities become more livable, sustainable, and resilient. 

How can we be sure that the algorithms developed by PerigonAI account for domainspecific knowledge in the private or public sectors we operate in?

Our team of experienced domain experts from a variety of fields in retail, real estate, urban planning, mobility and smart cities oversees the entire process from problem formulation to result assessment in any given industry, and guides our clients, providing end-to-end solutions to their problems.

How can we trust the black-box machine learning algorithms?

Model interpretability and transparency have always been at the heart of PerigonAI. Our team of data scientists, ML engineers, and software developers ensure the most advanced scientific techniques are employed for understanding every step and decision the PerigonAI algorithms make.

Which industries can ask PerigonAI for location intelligence?

The PerigonAI platform solution, cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms, and the team of highly skilled experts help retail, real estate, F&B, hospitality industries, as well as urban planning, mobility, and smart cities to build the best location intelligence and make data-driven intelligent decisions based on it.

We are a large retail restaurant chain and want to expand our business in a new location, how can PerigonAI help us?

The PerigonAI algorithms will help you take your data, combine it with relevant geospatial Big Data, and will offer you detailed and comprehensive knowledge on everything you need to know to grow your business in new locations: site selection, turnover prediction, trade areas, competition, delivery times, consumer behaviour, market trends, demographics, accessibility, and much more, all wrapped into a nice, user-friendly interactive dashboard to explore

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